Fire on the Mountain!

Fire on the Mountain!

Wine Best BottleAugust 24, 20150 Comments
by Tamra Botlon Reading reports this year of the wildfires across the Western U.S. is sobering.  Millions of acres scorched, homes and livelihoods destroyed, brave firefighters giving their lives in
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Thoughts of Napa Valley

Wine Best BottleOctober 23, 20150 Comments
by Tamra Bolton   Beginning with wild grapes, the Napa Valley has always had a penchant for growing the flavorful fruit, even before George Calvert Yount homesteaded there in the
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Remember…and Raise Your Glass

Wine Best BottleMay 25, 20170 Comments
By Tamra Bolton This Monday is Memorial Day and I hope you spend a little time contemplating the sacrifices that have been made through the years, so we can enjoy
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Don’t Rush Through Summer…Or Your Wine

Wine Best BottleJune 2, 20170 Comments
By Tamra Bolton When I think of summer, I think of the word slow.  You probably hear it often: summertime is a time to slow down, take it easy, live
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Make your 4th of July BBQ Better with Wine

Wine Best BottleJune 30, 20170 Comments
Tamra Bolton   Whatever your plans for celebrating the 4th this weekend, don’t forget to make your party even more special by choosing the perfect wine; a smooth robust Malbec
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Summertime Conversation

Wine Best BottleAugust 4, 20170 Comments
Tamra Bolton As we approach mid-summer and we inevitably begin to hear conversation around the campfire turn toward getting the kids back to school and falling back into a routine,
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Why We Celebrate Labor Day

Wine Best BottleSeptember 1, 20170 Comments
Tamra Bolton Labor Day…why do we celebrate?  According to the US Department of Labor, this federal holiday was created by the Labor Movement in the late 19th century and became
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There is a Story Behind Every Bottle

Wine Best BottleSeptember 15, 20170 Comments
By Tamra Bolton     I have to admit that in the past, I was a “closet wine snob”.  I didn’t really know enough to actually be a wine snob, but
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Autumn In The Air

Wine Best BottleOctober 6, 20170 Comments
By; Tamra Bolton     Since Chaucer first used the word in 1374 A.D., people have been referring to this “in between” time of year as autumn.  Derived from the
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Thanksgiving, Horseshoes, and Wine

Wine Best BottleNovember 3, 20170 Comments
By Tamra Bolton     As the holiday season approaches my thoughts turn to my favorite family celebration, that uniquely American holiday…Thanksgiving.  While Christmas is somewhat overshadowed by high expectations,
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Wine in a Can…That’s right!

Wine Best BottleDecember 1, 20170 Comments
by Tamra Bolton The other day I decided it was time to sort through my mountainous stack of magazines that had accumulated since January.  Almost all food or wine related, I
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Holiday Party Tip: Glass Tags Can Be Fun!

Wine Best BottleDecember 8, 20170 Comments
By Tamra Bolton With the last of the Thanksgiving leftovers finally out of our fridge, we can turn our attention to the upcoming holiday festivities in earnest. Parties, family get-togethers,
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